Wrongful Death in Houston

Houston wrongful death attorneys The loss of a loved one due to negligence is devastating. Let Neal Davis fight for justice on your behalf and earn your family just compensation for your loss.What is a Wrongful Death Action? Wrongful deaths cases could be established when an individual is killed because of the negligence of another, whether it’s an individual or a large company. There are several ways a person, organization or corporation could be held liable for causing an individual’s death. In Texas, the elements of a wrongful death action are:The parents of a houston county 6-year-old who died in a school-bus accident have filed a wrongful-death complaint against the driver and Houston County schools. Attorneys for Angelica Rose and.Your wrongful death lawyer in Houston will advise you that there are two wrongful death statute of limitations to take into consideration. The first is dependent upon the date the deceased person could have filed a claim, and is typically two years from the original injury.Exemplary damages are available in Texas wrongful death cases when the death was caused by a willful act or omission, or by gross negligence. Exemplary damages are typically harder to prove, but at Charles J. Argento, our Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer make every effort to achieve maximum compensation for our clients, including making the extra effort to obtain exemplary damages in appropriate cases.Texas Wrongful Death and Survival – 2014 Mark Courtois and Diane DavisWrongful death refers to the ability of a person to bring a claim against a tortfeasor for actions causing the death of a spouse, parent, or child. At common law, no cause of action for wrongful death existed in Texas.Wrongful Death Lawyers Serving Houston, TX (Nationwide) When a loved one dies due to the negligence of another, call the Nation’s top wrongful death attorney to fight for you. show morenational wrongful death Law Firm – Monsees Mayer Serving Houston, TX (Nationwide) Our law firm specializes in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases, providing the best results and attention to detail.Wrongful Death Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer The death of a loved one can cause immeasurable anguish for surviving family members. A wrongful death, meaning a death caused by another’s negligence that could have been prevented, compounds that grief.

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